This page features a collection of terms used in this documentation and ther common definition in April's context.

3D-Secure - a security challenge used by credit and debit card issuers during online purchases.

API key - a unique identifier given to marketplaces used to perform operations on behalf of their sub-merchants through the April API.

Checkout - the widget on a store page that customers make purchases through.

Customer - a person or business purchasing goods or services from a merchant using April to facilitate the payment.

Enterprise - a business with a significant interest in selling to or encompassing other business.

Instalments - an optional payment method where a customer pays over several instalments.

Integration - the process and method of embedding the April payment solution into a businesses processes.

KYC check - Know Your Customer check. A background check run as part of responsible lending practices on customers choosing to pay in instalments.

Marketplace - A B2B2C setup where an entity with business customers (sub-merchants) uses April to offer payments to their customers' customers.

Merchant - an entity with a direct financial relationship with April. Uses the April payments system to sell goods or services.

Merchant dashboard - control panel through which a merchant can review and manage payments.

Order - An order represents the goods or services the customer is paying for via April. After creating a payment, the last step in payment initiation flow is to create and pay for an order using a payment token generated from a payment source.

Pay in full - This is where the customer pays upfront for an order. The transaction is not considered complete until the payment has been confirmed to have been received.

Payment - the money a customer pays in a transaction.

Payment source - represents the mechanism that will be used to fund the payment. Example sources are debit or credit cards, bank transfers or direct debits. A payment source can potentially be used for multiple payments and may be saved against a customer.

Payment token - a payment token is generated by the April system when a customer wishes to pay for an order. It is connected with an existing payment source and is pre-configured to only work with orders of a particular amount and currency. Payment tokens can only be used once.

Payout - the money that is given to the merchant after a purchase is made through the checkout.

Pay plans - This is where a customer has taken out a loan to pay for an order. The transaction is considered complete after the payment has been successfully established. This may or may not involve any instalment payments being received from the customer, depending on whether the chosen pay plan requires an initial payment.

Plugin - a program, in this case a version of April, which can be easily integrated into another service, in this case an e-commerce platform.

Sub-merchant - a merchant operating under the umbrella of a marketplace.

Transaction - A payment from the perspective of a merchant. The transaction shows how much the merchant will be paid and if they have been paid already.

Virtual Terminal - April's system for generating and completing orders from their merchant dashboard, without the need for a point of sales.

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