April gathers together payments over a period of time and transfers them to the merchant's primary bank account in bulk as a net settlement. April makes payouts every week day excluding public holidays. Payments made on weekends or public holidays are bundled together with payments from the following business day.

Payments are aggregated at the day level with the cut-off being midnight in the time zone configured for the merchant.

The following table shows what payments you will receive on each business day.

Country Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Australia Thursday Friday Saturday
Tuesday Wednesday
New Zealand Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Payouts are initiated at 2pm AEST on each business day.

Settlement reports

There are two main endpoints for generating settlement reports:

  • Query Settlement Entries - Returns a paginated list of all settlement entries matching the given search criteria
  • Report Settlement Entries - Returns a list of all settlement entries matching the given search criteria in either JSON or CSV format

Each endpoints takes a number of filter query parameters to help you refine the content of the generated report. Broadly you can either query by a given payout identifier or provide a date range of matching entries.

For payouts, you can use the Query Payout Summaries endpoint to retrieve a list of all payouts that have been generated. Alternatively if you query by date range, you can see an arbitrary selection of entries (up to a 60-day range) including recent entries that have not yet been settled.

The Report Settlement Entries can generate either JSON or CSV output. Set the Accept request header to either application/json or text/csv to determine the output format.

Here's a sample of what the CSV report would look like:


Additionally, for CSV you can customise the columns to include in the report using the column query parameter:

GET /transactions/settlement/report?payoutId=payout_ZO6DGc1G7CabUdYa&merchantId=mcht_Ya2b2blPdwCAhSkt&column=EntryDate&column=EntryDescription&column=MerchantName&column=Currency&column=NetAmount&column=TransactionId

Order custom fields

Merchants can specify custom fields that can be included in the order metadata for a payment. Custom fields can be configured either via the merchant dashboard or via the API endpoint Update Merchant UpdateOrderCustomFields action.

Custom fields are automatically included in settlement reports.

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