Google Pay™️

Google Pay™️ will be available on a merchant's checkout when the device being used supports it. This is primarily Google supported web browsers (e.g. Chrome) and Android mobile devices.

If you are using the latest version of our Javascript checkout integration (or an ecommerce plugin that utilises it), then when Google Pay™️ is supported by your customers browser or device, they will automatically see the Google Pay™️ button in the checkout. If you are having trouble getting Google Pay™️ to activate for your customers, please reach out to our support team.

Google Pay™️ functions similarly to how standard credit and debit cards function with the checkout. For example:

  • Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted
  • 3D secure payments can still function if 1) requested via the pay order API, and 2) is supported by the card type returned from Google
  • Card authorisations can still be performed if so desired

All merchants must adhere to the Google Pay™️ APIs Acceptable Use Policy and accept the terms defined in the Google Pay™️ API Terms of Service.

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