Merchant dashboard

The April merchant dashboard is an easy way to manage all your transactions, providing an always accessible control centre for payments, transfers and refunds. You can also create orders quickly and allow your customers to make purchases face to face or over the phone easily using the Virtual Terminal function.

The merchant dashboard can be accessed via your web browser using your unique URL issued by April.



This tab shows new customers and transaction frequency over time. It can be displayed in larger or smaller periods (day, week, month, year) and the specific period can be adjusted at the top right of the screen.


An overview of recent orders and their status. The period displayed can again be adjusted at the top right of the screen, and a specific order can be searched for using either the order ID, customer email or the purchase amount with the search function.

The displayed orders are typically ordered by recency, however they can also be filtered by payment status and type (full or instalments payment) using the drop down menus. There is also the option to export the data displayed as a CSV file download.

Clicking on an order ID will open a new page with the full order details and the option to refund the payment. Both of these actions can also be executed by clicking on the three vertical dot (kebab) icon to the right of each order.


This tab shows all refunded orders only (sorted by recency) and has all the functionality of the payments tab minus the ability to issue refunds or filter by status or type.


An overview of payouts to your bank account from April. Click the amount or find View details in the kebab menu for each line to see a summary of the orders making up the total payout. Export the data by clicking Download or finding the export option in the kebab menu.


An overview of payouts (sorted by recency). Details of payouts can be accessed by clicking on the listed amount of the payout or accessing the kebab menu, and can be exported via the download button or same kebab menu.


A list of the saved bank accounts to receive the payouts from transactions. Adjust the schedule to receive payouts from transactions to daily, weekly or monthly. Add new accounts using the button or change the status of existing accounts to either primary or secondary using Edit bank account.


Displays the current balance (in the currency payments were made in) of the April checkout payments to the merchant. A cumulative total of payments made less than 2 days ago is shown as Pending, whilst payments that have cleared are shown as Available.

Virtual Terminal

Use this tab to create new orders and view previous orders made through the April Virtual Terminal function. Clicking Create new order will open a series of prompts to build a new order for a customer.

Below, a list of unpaid Virtual Terminal orders and their details is displayed. Clicking the kebab icon allows the merchant to process a payment, resend the payment link to a customer or cancel the order.

For more information, see the Virtual Terminal documentation page.


A record of customers and their first purchase date (sorted by recency). Clicking on a customer name will display their order history, customer identifier and contact details. From here individual orders can be viewed or refunded as required.

As with the other tabs, customers can be searched for using the search bar and the time period displayed can be changed.

API Keys

The merchant’s publishable and secret API keys can be found here, as well as links to integration guides.



This tab displays various contact and other basic information about the merchant, their business and their April account.

Custom Content

Branding Settings allows the merchant to apply their branding to communications sent from the Merchant dashboard. These can be changed by clicking Edit branding.

Select Add a new item in the Configure your Virtual Terminal section to add additional fields to orders made through Virtual Terminal and select if they will be visible to the customer or not.


Enable or disable email notifications/reports sent to the merchant upon payouts and customer payments.


Configure the appearance of payment reminder emails sent to customers who have elected to pay in instalments. Add a header/leading text to appear above the reminder and trailing text to appear below.

Enter an email address you have access to and click Preview to have an example payment reminder email sent to the specified address.


Click the support button on the bottom right of the screen to open a list of suggested support topics or enable live support chat.

Account security and sign out

Click the chevron at the bottom of the sidebar next to the merchant account name to edit Login details or sign out of the dashboard when you have finished.

What's next?

To test the functionality of the dashboard, visit the testing page.

Learn more about April's Virtual Terminal.

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